What Program Management’s Up To

Program Management is doing great work so far this build season! We have begun to order parts for our new PIT and are even beginning to CAD our new team awards, The Stormies, which will be handed out at the competitions. Keep an eye out for these awards at some M.A.R. competitions! Also, a couple of the members on our team have started writing our awards documents. But, the most important thing our team has been focusing on is CDR (Critical Design Review). At CDR we present our progress in the build season thus far to one of our most important sponsors, Lockheed Martin. We have to prepare the presentation slides and the speakers who will be speaking at this event. We also make two montage videos of our progress for CDR which we be added to the website at a later date. CDR is held at Lockheed Martin on February 8th and we are looking forward to seeing Team 87, RVR, and our sister team Team 1647, Iron Devils, here!

-Nicole Joie
Program Management IPT

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