Videos and Website!


In preparation for CDR (Critical Design Review) @ Lockheed Martin (one of our big sponsors) this Friday we make two videos.  One to introduce our team, to show what we are doing, and for some laughs.  The other is a montage of everything we have done so far, showing our progress and such.

We usually use Final Cut Studio 2 to complete this huge task, but our new Mac Mini was not comparable with FCS2.  So we have been using an Adobe Premiere Pro 30 day trial.  Our videos are completed and will be posted here on the front page soon!

Unlike previous year’s website running a CMS named Drupal.  This year we decided to use Google Sites, an easy WYSIWYG website editor.  This is really easy due to our district getting google accounts for every student with expanded space.
Some members are working on our online scouting tool.  It is coming along nicely and works on Android and iOS, just like this website.
Kevin Bohinski
Website and Media Lead

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