STORM had their first competition this past weekend and our robot, Electra, had an amazing debut. We shot, we defended, and we hung on the pyramid. At the end of the qualifying matches, our team was in 3rd place with a record of 9-2-1. We then chose Team 25 and 2539, two fantastic teams with equally as fantastic robots, to complete our alliance.  After a lunch break, our 3rd ranked alliance was set to go against the 6th ranked alliance (made up of Team 272, 486, and 1640). It was a tough alliance to go up against. We lost our first match against the alliance but came back to win the second. The third match was the deciding factor on who would move on and would have to pack up and call it a day. When the match started, our robot was behaving a little funny. Then after some technical issues, our robot was sat dead in the water (later to find out it was a problem with our cRIO). We lost the match and the 6th ranked alliance moved on. But later on our team did end up winning the Excellence in Engineering Award!
It was a great first competition to test out our strategy and get our drivers used to competing. After a few more tweaks to the robot, Electra should be back up and running better than ever. So, I would batten down the hatches because I think there might be a STORM coming.

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