Mid-Atlantic Robotics Region Champions

Sorry we didn’t blog this sooner but things around the team have been a little busy the last few days but all for good region. FRC2729 competed in the Mid-Atlantic Robotics Region Championship last Thursday through Sunday and earned its first Region Championship banner! With the win, the team automatically qualified to attend the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, MO April 25-27th. So, onto a little summary of this past weekend’s events.

The team completed in 12 qualifying matches at the competition and finished with a 10 win, 2 loss record. That record along with our other points earned during matches earned us the number 1 seed at the tournament. The best we’ve ever finished at any tournament! We had to overcome a few things to get there. Our camera was inconsistently displaying on our dashboard throughout the tournament and ended up limiting our full court shooting. We also had a electrical problems with speed controllers and our LEDs but pulled everything together to have the robot performing at its best throughout the playoffs.

The playoffs were some of the most exciting we’ve been a part of. Our first pick as the #1 seed was team 2590, Nemesis from Robbinsville High School and worked with them to select team 1640, Sabotage from Downington Area Robotics. The alliance played an awesome game throughout the playoffs with all 3 robots on the field to play as much of an offensive game as possible. We are so grateful to have been able to work with 2590 and 1640. Both teams as class acts and we are glad we were able to share this memory with them. Speaking of memories, Team 1676 was gracious enough to record and post all of the event’s match videos to their Youtube account. Check out the final match, http://youtu.be/gUkn1EINBWg

The team also presented for its FIRST Region Chairman’s Award at the competition. We setup a display showcasing our media, outreach, and team structure for all to come by and check out. The team also received some great commendations and feedback by the judges on our efforts as a team. We are glad to have been able to fully experience this honor and hope to see it again in the future.

From here it’s on to St. Louis! The robot was crated and shipped today and the team will leave on a bus next Tuesday to drive overnight We’re looking forward to seeing our fellow MAR teams there and look forward to meeting others from around the world.

As always, thanks to everyone who has gotten us to where we are now. Looking forward to big things in the near future.


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