FTC4390 Engineering Notebook

September 26

Finally, decisions were made! After many weeks of brainstorming and deliberation, we finally have a game plan. We’ve decided to go forward with the plow with rake “claw”, a ladder lift arm, and our flag raiser. Once we decided on what we’re building, we figured out who was building it. We also planned out a rough timeline. Our first competition is on the nineteenth. We have a lot of work to do. In a perfect world, the items written next to the date would be completed by then. Hopefully we won’t get too behind and will finish our robot before  the first competition.

After we divided into groups, everyone started building. Many of the prototypes could now be seen in metal.  This is the flag raiser.

While it’s not completed, the structure can be seen. There will be two pegs coming out of the big gear, which will fit around the PVC pipe that must be spun to raise the flag. The big gear will be spun by a motor attached to a medium gear for optimal torque. Some of the sizing still has to be worked out once the flag game structure has been built.

I’d say we made a lot of progress today. We began made final decisions and began building. I hope the progress continues in the next weeks. Maybe we’ll have a working robot by the nineteenth. We are farther behind than I would like, which only means that we need dedicated workers every week to complete what needs to be finished. If everyone hard, we will be ready for the competition.

Until next week,
Grace Stridick
                                                      4390 Team Captain

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