Week 1 Program Management Blog

Robotics off-season has officially begun!  On Thursday, October 10, STORM held its first introductory meeting of the year.  After a general info session in the LGI, we split up into our respective departments for some more in-depth planning.  Here at Program Management, we certainly have a lot on our plate!
To divide up our responsibilities, we decided on specialties:  Blogger (me, Maddie), Graphic Designer (Josh), Google Site Designer (Marissa), Photographer/Videographer (the almighty multitasker, Josh), and Finance Management (Dominick).  As well as different specialties, each program manager will be responsible for following the activity of a different department (electrical, mechanical, etc.).  This way, when it comes time for our big presentation at Lockheed, our information will be up to date and organized.
We have many goals to meet, some more current and some long-term.  We are always soliciting sponsors, prepping for the CDR, interacting with other local teams, maintaining a Google Doc to organize our projects, and updating our finances.  But our more pressing tasks include designing an all-inclusive website logo to feature Storm, Cyclone, and Typhoon; designing a new sponsor tee; updating the website to include all of our hard-earned awards and achievements; improving our social media pages; and revising the Eye Up campaign.
Our team PR is going to be off the charts this season!  Between new jerseys, a new banner, a better sense of community with other teams, and team spirit promos at competitions, STORM won’t just be the force to be reckoned with—we’ll be the favorite.
~Maddie Gilfert

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