FTC4390 Engineering Notebook

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Today was picture day at Lenape for the team! Before the actually meeting began, the Lenape students met in the courtyard and took our yearbook picture. This picture will be the one all of the school sees after receiving their yearbook. Hopefully, other students at the school will see the picture and think about joining. Or they will at see the picture and think “we have a robotics team?!?”. The school will know we exist.
During the actually meeting, I finished the chassis. The previous chassis that was built was not square. 
The homemade cross bars were not built properly, so when attached, the u-channels were bending. This would make the robot difficult to drive and assemble with the other parts. I replaced the homemade cross bars with brand new long u-channels. I then cut the channels to the necessary length. This insured that the chassis would be square, and also prevented us from having to drill holes every time something needed to be attached.
After fixing the chassis, the electrical people got their hands on the robot. We wanted to test motors of various parts. We got the wheels running,
and the flag raiser turning. 
It was exciting to see our creations working. We now have an idea on how our robot will perform. We have one more meeting left before our first competition. Luckily, now that we tested our motors, we know we will have a partly working robot by Saturday. I’m excited to see how our robot performs that day.
Until next time,
Grace Stridick
4390 Team Captain

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