FTC4390 Engineering Notebook

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today was the last meeting before our very first competition. We had a lot to get done. But I wasn’t too concerned because I realized Saturday is a work day-scrimmage. If we don’t have a completed robot, we can work on it Saturday (and there is no way we can finish). Saturday will also supply a set up field, so we can check measurements and visualize an actual game. There are always some differences between the picture and the actual field. I’m looking forward to testing our robot with the field setup.
We attached the flag spinner to the chassis. This is the only part of our robot that is tested and we know will work like we want. I’m excited to test it with the flag.
Our electrical group got to work wiring the robot.
They used the entire flat area on our chassis and still all the electrical equipment didn’t fit.  We taped the battery onto the robot temporally, to hold it for Saturday. We will need to think of a different system for our electrical stuff to attach to after Saturday.
A temporary block arm was also built, just for Saturday’s competition. Our plan is to place a block in prior to the match, and then drive forward and drop the block into the basket during the autonomous period. This will score us _20__ points, or if the programming is ready and we can use the IR sensor to locate the specific basket, 40 points. We didn’t have a chance to actually attached the block arm to the robot, but we will do that Saturday morning. We also didn’t have a chance to test the software like I was hoping to. This again will have wait until Saturday.
By the end of the meeting, I realized our rake basket block collector was finished! We figured, why not attach that to the robot as well and test it out. On Saturday, we will temporarily attach the block rake to the robot so it touches the ground. Though we don’t have the arm structure finished, we will be able to see if the rake works, or needs modification.
By the end of the meeting, I was excited for Saturday. I am itching to test out our robot, and am hope that all the is complete works correctly.
Until next time,
Grace Stridick
4390 Team Captain

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