Week 2 Program Management Blog

            This week in Program Management, we are working together to prepare for the upcoming season and our first competition, the Duel on the Delaware.  We are in charge of a big PR project—the “What robotics means to us” video.  FIRST has requested that teams create a two-minute video expressing how our involvement in robotics has influenced us, taught us, and helped us grow.  Toward the end of the night, members with apropos stories will stop by D-108 for Ken and Josh to record their testimonies.  Then, they will work on editing the video to make it FIRST ready by November 1st.
            We learn best by reviewing our past.  So, we are taking a discerning eye to all of our brochures, proposals, and reports from last season, and Tommy is exploring new PowerPoint formats.  Some of these will be completely re-done while others will be fine-tuned; we’re ensuring that STORM puts our absolute best foot forward this season. 
            We also learn from watching others.  Dom and Marissa are visiting other teams’ websites for inspiration, and to scout outstanding partners for the DOTD.  Our website will be revised and upgraded to include an awards section, display photos of competitions, and much more.  Additionally, Josh is working on a new and improved logo to represent all three of the Lenape-Cherokee robotics teams.
            Amidst all this activity, Ken is acting as STORM’s resident paparazzi, flitting between departments and teams to snap candid photos for a slideshow.  He is capturing the essence of STORM—persistence, perseverance, and collaboration.

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