Duel on the Delaware

During this event, the Software team learned a lot of new and important information. Entering the event, most of us had no idea what to expect. Some of us went to a software education seminar, where we learned more about ROBOTC, including vital information about sensors that we will use later. Others stayed in the team room, working on the robot’s code. Eventually, we all got together and worked on the code. We received help from our sister team’s members, who have slightly more experience. After that, we had out first competition! We learned a lot about how the competitions are run. We also learned a lot from how out robot performed today. We found out what issues the robot had, such as not being able to perform Autonomous mode and slight problems with picking up blocks. We went back to the team room, fixed the problems, and improved the overall structure of the code. We then competed again, performing better and actually raising the flag! Of course, we supported other teams and their software members, helping them with code when necessary. For example, at the seminar, we cooperated with other teams to help them with integrating sensor code with the robot. Overall, the Duel on the Delaware was a very educational and fun experience!

Amir Amhaz

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