FTC4390 – Engineering Notebook


We went to Duel on the Delaware, which had an FTC event.  Every team was given the chance to work on the actual game field and test with actual game components.  From this, accurate measurements and field evaluations could be taken.
The goal was to test the flag raiser on the field and make any needed adjustments. We also wanted to make sure that the 17.5 inch wide chassis could reach the pvc flag crank in the corner.
We had to switch back to the shorter pegs because the overall length of the robot was slightly over the limit of 18 inches. After measuring the robot with the pvc on the field, we switched the u-channel with a piece of flat aluminum, to allow the pegs to reach farther on the pvc flag crank. The pegs were each moved over one hole to lessen the space between them. We did this because before, one peg was catching in the pvc hole.
Electrical members finished wiring, and we tested it on the field in a match. The robot was able to raise the flag to the upper level within 9 seconds and had no trouble reaching the crank.

Julie Schell

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