FTC4390 Engineering Notebook

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We started the meeting by talking about our success at Saturday’s competition. We scored more point in one match on Saturday, than we did all of last year. Needless to say, it was a very successful day. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to go with us (attendance was limited to 12 people per team) so some where not able to see our great success. Luckily, we had video to share with the team. We watched the video, then talked about the progress we made on Saturday. Next, we talked about what still needed to be finished before our qualifier. It is important that the team understands that we are not done building, and will keep making improvements to make our robot better. We need an autonomous programmed, the arm has to be finished, and many other elements can be improved so our robot can preform better.
After meeting with the team, I broke away to work on the engineering notebook. On Saturday, I went to a class that explained all the different awards a robotics team could win at a competition. During this class, I realized how much work needed to be done on our engineering notebook. Not only will we have to date, sign, and witness every page, but we have to cross out all the white space. We also need to get more people involved and get more entries. Today, I sat down with a laptop and reviewed all the submissions to the notebook. I proofread, edited, and formatted. Hopefully, this will make the notebook look better, more complete, and more professional. I aim to have a good engineering notebook this year, but that isn’t possible unless members on my team help submit entries. I’m not sure how to get submissions, but hopefully members on the team will realize what needs to be done and step up and take initiative. That’s my goal for the upcoming weeks.
Until next time,
Grace Stridick
FTC4390 Team Captain

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