FTC4390 Engineering Notebook

 Thursday, October 24

We began our meeting today attaching the completed arm to the robot. This was exciting. Now the robot is beginning to look like we had hoped. We also rigged up the string that will hopefully lift up the arm and block rake for our ladder lift. 
The next part of this meeting was designated to adding motors to the other two wheels to give our robot four wheel drive. This was our originally drive system plan, but the front motors were in the way of our block collecting rake. We realized that we could gear the motors to the wheels, so they can have power. This was harder than it sounds. The drawer slides were mounted right where one of the axles needed to go through. We cut the axle in half, which worked, but it was really hard to secure the gear so it doesn’t wiggle. Eventually, we got it secured well enough that the gears shouldn’t become unaligned.
We then attempted to attached the block rake to the arm. The problem was the rake was too wide to fit between the arm. After a lot of metal bending, we finally attached the rake to the arm. I think the mounting method will have to be modified eventually, but I’m just glad we have something that looks like a completed robot.
Until next time,
Grace Stridick
4390 Team Captain


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