FTC4390 – Engineering Notebook


Software has accomplished many objectives over the course of these few months. Our goals were to program the robot in every aspect – driving, spinning the flag rotator, lifting the ladder lift, opening and closing the rake, and syncing all of these functions with the input from the joysticks. Not only that, but we needed to code a program that will drive the robot during autonomous mode. We ended up accomplishing these goals as well as many more. In the beginning, many of our new programmers were either inexperienced or had never programmed a robot before. Via instruction from knowledgeable mentors and online resources (such as the ROBOTC website and wiki), we were able to learn how to use ROBOTC, the programming language, as well as GitHub, the code sharing software. In order to come up with ideas for how to code the robot, we had large group sessions in front a white board, where thoughts were suggested and reviewed. We then voted on the best solutions and implemented them into our program. From there, our coders were able to learn what the robot needed to do and translate that into functional programs. We then tested these programs several times, making adjustments and discovering more information along the way. By the end, we had a functioning program that served as the brain of a working robot in the competition.

(Attached are several pictures of our designs)

Amir Amhaz

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