Tuesday, November 12
Today, the members of my team that will participate in judging, practiced again.  We expanded on what we practiced last time.  We actually had everyone to practice with today, so the beginning was designated to organizing them and explaining our plans.  We did two run throughs, which helped us finalize our speeches and notice our mistakes.
After practicing judging with the other FTC team, which helped us realize our errors, we finalized the spirit packs. We figured out how many of each item we needed, then placed the final orders.  The orders will definitely arrive by Friday; we called to make sure.
This was our second to last meeting before our competition.  Unfortunately, this was my last meeting.  I am unable to attend the last meeting before our competition, which makes me nervous. I trust our team to work well and complete what they need to.  At the end of tonight, I checked in with all the divisions to make sure completion was near.  My goal is that at set up Friday the robot is running and prepared for the competitions the next day.

Until next time,
Grace Stridick
4390 Team Captain

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