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“…and the MC looked like Archible!”

That was probably the ending line of every 2729 competitor’s Ramp Riot tale.  I sent Mr. Archible a sniper photo of the flame-mohawked Master of Ceremonies, and his apropos response was, “That guy is TOTALLY wastin’ my phlava!!”  (No, I cannot translate that for you.)
At the competition at Team 341 Miss Daisy’s home school, Storm put up a formidable fight.  We had our ups and our downs during the qualification matches, wavering in the standings from fifteenth seed to second seed.  When it came time to choose our alliance members, Evan selected Team 11 MORT and Team 1403 Cougar Robotics.  Unfortunately, we were knocked out of the elimination bracket at the same time as we were at the Duel on the Delaware–the semifinals.  We won a match, we lost a match, and eventually fell to Miss Daisy, who wound up winning the competition.
We utilized the preseason atmosphere to try out some rookie feeders.  Eric, Matt, and Yianni all took a crack at it under the watchful eyes of our long-time (one-time) veteran feeders, Devon and me.  Everybody did an exceptional job avoiding jams.
However, Mr. Hessler is Storm’s competition MVP.  Mr. Knauss had to leave for a wedding partway through the competition, so the infinitely talented Mr. Hessler stepped in as our coach.  Although he only knew two terms, “cycle” and “rain,” he fearlessly led us through the elimination rounds.
Everyone at Lenape/Cherokee is gearing up for our home FTC competition on Saturday, November 16.  Hopefully Teams 4390 and 7433 can face off in a Typhoon-Cyclone finals match for the ages!

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