FTC4390-Engineering Notebook


At first we were going to change the flag turner gears to a 1:1 ratio. Instead, we just alternated the two gears we already have, doubling that ratio. Now the gear ratio goes from big to small, allowing the flag raiser to rotate much faster.

We checked the back right wheel today and found the problem. The axel was scraped and wasn’t functioning correctly. We put on a new axel and the robot drives smoothly now.

We developed a configuration that would allow the arm/ladder lift to reach 5 inches higher. This will definitely help with placing blocks, because the scoop and rake just barely reached the top of the pendulum before. We still have to attach the side supports to the arm and fix the string setup in the 3 stage ladder lift.

At the competition we had some trouble in autonomous with the hanging mechanism hitting the pendulum before our autonomous arm, so it was flipped to the back of the robot. This just caused more problems, such as interfering with the flag raiser, so we switched it back to its original position.

Julie Schell

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