FTC4390 – Engineering Notebook


Last meeting before the competition. We added the pieces from the old arm.  One was a guide for the strings, another was a piece of scrap metal that helped with support. They weren’t an exact match so we had to drill new holes. We could not figure out how to put the string on without one of our mentors, who was away for work.  This means that unfortunately, we could not finish the arm.
We were able to get some driver practice, but could only test the new flag gear ratio (for the first time). It is much faster, and as long as the PVC flag crank is set up correctly, it doesn’t slip off.

The scouting sheets were finished.
We are almost ready for the competition, but our arm is no where near done.  We will have to meet on Saturday to finish the arm, or we will not be able to score any blocks.

Julie Schell

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