FTC4390 – Engineering Notebook



Our mentor explained to us better how the arm works, so we were able to put the string on. We had some problems with the string getting caught in the drawer slides as the arm lowered. We solved this by tying the strings to L-connectors on the arm instead of directly to the arm so the strings were further away from the draw slides. The scoop still didn’t quite reach the ground so we mounted it at a different angle. Once we finished, the arm reached 32 inches, a big improvement from last time. We can now reach the pendulum much easier to drop in blocks. And hanging should also be much easier. We are going to try to raise the flag and hang in the competition tomorrow.

We also remounted the NXT differently, because it wasn’t in a stable position before.
We had some help from our sister team 7433 today, while working on the arm.
We took a risk with the new arm configuration but it seems to have been worth it, we’ll find out tomorrow at the competition!

Julie Schell

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