Ftc 4390 – engineering notebook


Our goal today was to fix some wiring problems and disconnections, and to string the arm. We also hoped to be able to test everything today. We had no team members here today that were experienced in electrical. A mentor explained some of the basics to us, such as the black wire goes to the negative terminal and the red wire goes to the positive one. Another team member made a map of the wiring so we could understand where everything is connected. We figured out where the disconnected wires went and attached them. One of the wires was too short so we had to cut and strip the ends of a new wire. After we finished the wiring we tried to string the arm. We realized that we had no place to attach the eyebolts because we had switched to a new pair of drawer slides yesterday. We will have to wait and do that tomorrow, after our mentor welds on the new eyebolts. We did get a chance to test the electrical system with software. We confirmed that the wiring was correct and made any necessary changes. Everything else works so we just have to finish the arm tomorrow. We should be ready for our final competition on Saturday.

Julie Schell

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