A Snowstorm Won’t Stop Storm

Storm is back from a couple days off due to the big snowstorm which hit the northeast. Here in Medford, we got around a foot of snow – despite this, we’re back to work today!

Here’s what our sub-teams have been up to:


Electrical is in the process of working closely with Mechanical to create a mechanism to pick up the ball. The challenge is to cut down on weight so the robot is not top heavy. Also electrical systems must be accounted for, and also being able to make space for all the components that are yet to be put into the robot. Also the team was able to make a central shaft for the picking up mechanism so this way we were able to not just cut down on weight but also make it a strong as it previously was.

Program Management:

We continued working on the activity book adding in more entertaining things to do. We also continued to work on CDR slides and the video for CDR, although we still haven’t finalized a song.


Today we continued our momentous, painstaking development of the scouting app. Today signifies our group’s transition from the initial conceptual stages of development to the pragmatic, concrete stages of software coding. We plan to continue our efforts as our app endeavors come to fruition.


Today we continued CADing the robot, along with giving a blueprint to mechanical to show them where the wheels on the chassis are supposed to go. We have worked on and are currently working on the new intake system, and have also created the bumpers for the chassis.

Mechanical & Software:

Updates pending.

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