You could definitely hear the “storm” at Hatboro-Horsham last week.  From the “clap-clap whooshes” to the K-bear chants, it was clear that Lenape-Cherokee was in the building.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great experience.  Probably the most exciting moment was when the Storm alliance dropped 210 points, one of the highest scores in the whole competition.  It was an amazing performance by all the drivers and you could just feel the energy and excitement in the stands. However, it was not all fun and games the whole time.  We faced some pitfalls during the competition.  The autonomous shooting system did not work on the first day of completion, we persevered and figured out a fix to the problem by the end of the day, our autonomous shooting was fully functional on day 2.  When it was all said and done, we finished as the 18th seed, and were quarterfinalists.  Storm also won the “Innovation In Control” award (sponsored by Rockwell Automation), for our catapult design.  In the end, Storm had a strong showing and enjoyed success at Hatboro-Horsham.  Next up is the Lenape-Seneca competition on March 22-23rd at Seneca High School, where we look to build off Hatboro and continue on with the success.

-Shabab S.

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