Program Management: The Inside Scoop

Over the course of the past four days, mechanical has presented their prototypes on Saturday and the rest of the team shared their thoughts on their progress. Program Management has also been busy with the CDR (Critical Design Review) presentation. The CDR presentation is a meeting between the team and the board members of Lockheed Martin where we (the team) convince the board to continue funding our robotics program. The main focus of Program Management has been planning the storyboard for the video, which we will show at Lockheed Martin, as well as the Powerpoint presentation and compiled photos from the previous meetings. But staying holed up in their room isn’t all there is to Program Management. They, as a whole, go and interface with other members of the team and document their progress throughout the meeting.


Our Director of the Team, Gia, discusses future plans with the Program Management Advisor, Mr. Cesanek.


Josh, Media Leader, poses for a photo in our base of operations.


FTC students, (from left to right) Jared, Marissa, and Allison work diligently on CDR presentation





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