As we enter the second half of the season and as the snow piles up, all of our departments in Storm Robotics are shifting into maximum overdrive to complete as much as possible between now and the end of the season. Due to the multitude of snow storms that have graced the New Jersey atmosphere, we have missed both of our January 26th and 27th meetings. To compensate for these unscheduled days off, Program Management is stepping into gear by completing both the CDR (The Critical Design Review) presentation and video. The CDR is a mid season progress report that we present to our main sponsor, Lockheed Martin.


After prototyping, Storm made the decision to use an elevator as our primary end effector. We also made the decision to create two chassis; one for testing and one that will become part of our final robot. So far, the Mechanical department has assembled the elevator with the testing chassis to boot. Also, we created our final chassis which, at the moment, is in the hands of the Electrical team, who are busy wiring it together.


Software has finished our specialized app that we will use during scouting. This app will allow us to complete scouting, the process of collecting and compiling information about others team’s robots and their success, more efficiently and more eco-friendly by eliminating the use of paper. Software is also beginning to develop the autonomous code for our robot.

Over the next few weeks we are looking forward to the completion of our robot. Next week we will present our finished CDR at Lockheed Martin. Mechanical, Software, and Electrical are all scheduled to further the work they started today. With half of the build season behind us and with the end of the build season in sight, we will continue to work towards the completion of all of our goals.

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