The Critical Design Review (CDR)


This year, our CDR, Critical Design Review, or a presentation designed to display our team and the current season’s progress,  at Lockheed Martin went beautifully! The hours spent preparing slides and practicing public speaking paid off as the presenters were able to graciously explain their department and slides alike. We were also delighted to see Team 1647, The Iron Devils, Team 5113, the Combustible Lemons, and Team 87, The Red Devils! They all gave their own presentations to the Lockheed Martin officials. Each team was able to learn and be inspired by each other through the presentations. To view a .pdf of Storm’s CDR click here! To see our montage, click the video above!

One element that was exclusive to the Storm CDR this year was our Scouting section. This year, we focused on our new and improved scouting app. To learn more about our scouting app and how you too can utilize it, click here to go to our scouting page.

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