The Season Flies By!

February  14th, 2015 marks the last Saturday build meet for Storm. That means that our build season will be concluded and we will be closing in on our first competition at Hatboro-Horsham. With the robot nearing completion, the team continues to rework their strategies and the components of the robot.

Mechanical is currently remodeling the intake system, however they are attempting to strip off any excess weight from the robot. Even though the robot is a few pounds below the weight cap, it would be preferable if the robot could be as light as possible.

Electrical and Software are also in the process of refining their work by making sure that everything is operable during the competition.

Meanwhile, Program Management is diligently working on the Chairmen’s Award which is the most prestigious award given by FIRST. It commemorates the best team that serves as a role model towards the others competing in the competition.


Electrical utilizes one of the most important skills in life: Wire Management!



Eric LaBrie, member of Electrical, remounts the Telescopic Arm.





Mechanical discusses how to make the robot lighter.

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