The team assembled at Lenape High School at around 6:00 in the morning. About half of the team was present and began prepping for the competition at Salem Community College. We took inventory, peeping in our supply closet and loading what seemed like bricks. These “bricks” were actually pneumatic parts, batteries, and other tools that were brought onto the bus, Finally, the robot rolled down the hallway and put into yellow limousine to be escorted to the event. The ride was brief, but we got to the competition. There wasn’t really a red carpet for us and our bot to walk upon per se, though we immediately began to assign roles for our Pit Team: the roles are the coach, two drivers, and a human player. Multiple students rotated the roles for participation’s sake. The others in the peanut gallery got assigned the roles of the scouts and if you’re curious scouting in robotics is like scouting in sports: we gather info on our assigned robots, document statistics, and make sure the team has that scrumptious intel.  Preliminary matches start (they don’t count for anything) and then qualifications begin.

We got some limelight, the team morale was sky high, and we did make it to the quarter-final. However, the team was still hopeful to be picked by a qualifying team . By the grace of the robotic gods, our team was resurrected because we were selected as an alliance partner with teams 341, Miss Daisy and 271. This coalition carried us to the semi-finals and we had the privilege of competing with the other teams. We competed to the best of our abilities, but our performance did not bring us to the finals. All-in-all this event proved that we were still champs though, in supporting the team and giving the audience a good show.

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