The Fall Qualifiers

Everyone loves Fall! The pumpkins, the leaves, the hazelnut flavored coffee, oh and especially the Fall Qualifiers! Storm’s FTC teams 4390 and 7433 attended the competition on November 21st (among MANY other teams) and the event was graciously hosted by Cherokee High School. We also had a special appearance from Mr. Vincent Frascella, the New Jersey Volunteer Coordinator. The event was largely focused on the FTC teams, but we at 2729 volunteered in order to ensure that all went smoothly. Our efforts assisted the event in and out of the shadows. Before the event began many FRC members helped setup the cafeteria to accommodate the Teams and their robots. We also placed down the fields in the gym because who doesn’t love a little elbow grease? So a big thanks to all that helped.

During the event, many among us were queuers and were responsible for directing teams to their appointments with the judges and to make sure they got to their matches in a timely manner. And yes there was a lot of yelling, screaming, radio jargon, and frustration, but the queuers did their job beautifully. Also the more knowledgeable members of FRC volunteered as referees for the matches and what a wonderful job they did! Enforcing rules and field analysis is difficult, but more credit to them! (I hope they didn’t receive the wrath of angry parents too much). If you all were curious about the performance of Storm’s FTC branch, we are happy to deliver some good news! FTC team 4390 along with teams 9921 and 4175 in the alliance, managed to get into the finals and secure second place along with a trophy. For teams 755, 365, and 4856 a congratulations to you guys as well for securing first place! Also shout out to Storm’s FTC Teams for securing the Control Award! Splendid work guys!


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