Week 3: Crunching Down

The snow storm that hit the East Coast over the weekend cost the team roughly ten hours of work. As we try to make up for lost time and endure the obstacles the season has in store for us, one of our beloved mentors, Mr. Scanlon, reminded us that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” In spite of the weather getting rough around the edges, the team will persevere and will stop at nothing to achieve a spot at the Worlds competition. Mechanical is working on completing the wheels for the chassis and continue to diligently grind out the end effectors. Software has made lots of progress in writing the code for the hanging, intake, and shooting mechanism. Electrical is still working very closely with software members to troubleshoot and test the new hardware on the Magic Box. Lastly, program management is racing against time to finish the awards and preparing for, Critical Design Review, which is next week! For those who don’t know what CDR is, it’s an annual event held by Lockheed Martin where we present a slideshow of the previous year’s achievements to the board of directors along with several other teams that are in the area. In other news, a brand new episode of Storm Watch is up on our Youtube channel! Check it out in the link below!

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