The CDR Experience

“This is my rookie year on STORM and CDR is something ambiguous to me. I’ve worked on it a little bit, but I didn’t really see the significance in the power point. Why do we need to put all this info on display? Can it help us in the future? These were my initial thoughts until each department began to make more developments and the pieces of the puzzles came together. CDR was our blueprint of our design process and the name of Critical Design Review started to make more sense. All of this documentation was our plan for the future and how we envision our robot to turn out. Everything on the slides was a progress report and showed our process of developing strategies to different robot designs. Then we got to Lockheed Martin and saw other teams show their design process. The whole experience was very educational as I saw how other teams planned out their designs. The questions asked by the judges also allowed us to think ahead and how we can improve. Hopefully, CDR is sign of good things to come during the 2016 year and brings our team victory.”

Quoted from Krisna Mompho: Rookie in Program Management


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