The end of FRC pre-season!

And just like the way autumn comes to an end, the preseason is drawn to a close as we prepare to go full throttle into our build season.


In terms of mechanics, the chassis for the robot is just about finished, and the team is currently working on the electronic aspects. The chassis has a lot more potential than the one from last year’s, as the design is now more standardized, with a few more improvements to make the robot easier to control.

For software, the drive code and vision system, both of which are used in the programming of the robot, are also all set. In addition, by scouting, the junior members of the team have gained much experience since the time they joined the team, and will soon be able to work on the same par as the other more experienced FRC members.

The business and marketing team are organizing and finishing up various things needed in order to prepare for the upcoming kickoff, including planning activities that teams will participate in at the meet, along with putting final touches on the crayon project.


The entire FRC team wished everyone happy holidays! Hope to see you all at our kickoff at the beginning of the robotics season!

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