Westtown Competition

This past weekend, Storm Robotics “stormed” the field at Westtown High School!

Despite the fact that the team had to wake up at 5:00 in the morning for both Saturday and Sunday, everyone was hyped up for the first competition of the season. Team members had different jobs assigned to them, from managing the robot in between matches or explaining to judges the aim of the team in the pit area, to scouting for potential alliances during matches, to cleaning up the game field after each match. In the pit area, we offered beads and buttons, among other Stormie trinkets to be worn during the matches. In addition, one of the team members ran an LGBTQ+ table for the first time next to the game field.

A few select members were driving the robot on the game field and shooting balls, transporting gears, and climbing the rope. The team members in the stands made sure to cheer them on with every bit of spirit. In fact, one of the major highlights of the day for us was winning the Spirit award!

In the final results, the first, second, and third place were respectively Team 4342 Demon Robotics, Team 3929 Atomic Dragons, and Team 365 Miracle Workerz. Big shoutout to our alliances Team 1143 Cruzin’ Comets and Team 1712 Dawgma! Storm Robotics made it to the quarterfinals and the team’s final ranking was 19th place out of 31 teams, with 5 wins and 7 losses.

Next up in the week after this weekend is another competition at Seneca High School. Best of luck to everyone!

Clap Clap whoosh!

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