FIRST Compass

It might look like Storm’s doing a little R&R, but the team is still hard at work-whether it be improving  our robot Iris, focusing on outreach, or sharing some camaraderie (shout out to Liam at Worlds). Well, we got some good news for you then! Storm is hosting an event called FIRST Compass on Saturday, May 20, 2017 from 9:30am to 12:30pm at Lenape High School. FIRST Compass is an event where registered teams have a chance to interact with one another and share amazing ideas. We’ll have teams all across the region give workshops on how their teams work. This might include technical robot explanations from mechanical experts to outreach teams have done in the past.

Refreshments will be served for everyone’s convenience, but food is not all we have to offer though. The team has organized our own series of workshops that will be explaining the ins and outs of how the team operates. Our workshops include: a crayon mold demonstration, drivers’ meeting, Storm’s scouting app meet, a workshop about judging, and more! You’ll get to meet specialists in each department who’ll explain to you what the team’s all about. Other teams will also share their information as well so please, we implore you to join this awesome collaboration. The team’s also going to to do a demo with Iris. Everyone will get to see her in action and figure out how she works. For more information please visit our FIRST Compass Event Information Packet and visit here to register. We all hope to see you guys there!

Clap, clap, whoosh!

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