Join Storm!

Every year the Storm Robotics Team looks to recruit the highly talented students of Lenape and Cherokee High Schools. Students do not need to have any prior experience in engineering, robotics, business, or marketing to join the team.  We only ask that they join with an open mind, bring their best work ethic, and are able to bring their own enthusiasm while working as a part of a highly competitive team.

The application period will be open until June 16th.  All students interested in joining for the 2017-2018 school year must view the video below and complete a team application prior to the deadline in order to be considered for membership.  All applicants will be notified that we’ve received their application after the period closes and will be expected to follow-up with required tasks and meetings discussed in the application.


You can preview the application and its questions here.  All applications must be submitted using the above form – no paper copies.

Key dates for team candidates:

  • June 16th – Applications Due
  • August 22nd, 24th, 29th – FTC Open House Meetings, required for all returning FTC students and first year members.  Students will learn about robotics and begin work on their membership assignment.
  • August 30th – Vacation Assignment Due (online) for any potential member who cannot make the Open House Meetings.  FTC membership will be announced shortly after this date.
  • September 6th – Email out to first year seniors on membership evaluation.
  • September 30th – FRC members notified of their acceptance to the team.
  • December 2017 – FTC to FRC call-ups announced.