Meet Storm’s Scouting App

Storm Robotics now has a scouting app! We are going eco-friendly and putting away the paper and pencil. Currently, we have the app working on Android devices.  In the future, we plan on supporting Apple devices.  We are providing it for free with an .apk download.

There are two separate apps to download: the Scout’s app and the Master App. The Scouting app is used to input data during the match. At the end of this match, a QR code is generated containing the data which was input. The device with the Master App should then take a picture of the QR code with the app, which will input the data, organizing it via an easily used and sortable spreadsheet.

2016-2017 Season Update:

  • More streamlined
  • Less scrolling required
  • Improved user interface and user experience
  • New format and design
  • Operates more quickly than last year

You can download our app from the Google Play Store.

                Main Setup                   Auto tab                  Tele tab                   Submit tab                        QR code                 Master App

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