Strategy and Design

Many first teams see strategy and design as mutually exclusive parts of the 6 week build period.  We do not!

The resources on this page have been compiled by our mentors and students from many sources, over many years, and has led our team to many successful build-seasons.  Some of the outside sources include John V-Neun’s iamjvn blog, the Simbotics (FRC 1114) design and strategy resources, and conversations from  This is just a glimpse at our process (not intentionally), so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how it is used during the early stages of our build-season.

Rules Analysis, Strategy, and Design Process Overview

This presentation is considered a work in progress, but still does a good job of capturing how are team analyzes and makes decisions once the robot game has been revealed.

Initial Strategy Sheet

Developed by Grace Stridick (Student) and Julie Schell (Student)

This worksheet is designed for students and mentors to use during the kickoff video and immediately after seeing the challenge reveal.  It was made to capture initial thoughts and questions before the fleet the mind!

Rules, Strategy, and Design Analysis

Developed by Mr. Knauss (Team Advisor, Coach) and iterated on by mentors over many years

This packet is the compiled process from many experienced teams compiled for the Storm Robotics Team.  It’s purpose is to provide a framework that sets the team on a trajectory for prototyping and building.  The hardest part of the flight can be the take-off, this sheet should help!

Open via Google Drive

Open via Google Drive