Our Teams

Storm Robotics is a family of teams, including:

FRC 2729 – Storm Robotics established 2008-2009

FTC 4390 – Cyclones established 2010-2011

FTC 7433 – Typhoons established 2013-2014

FTC 13290 – Whirlwinds established 2017-2018

How We Started

Storm Robotics, FRC Team 2729, was created in September 2008 by Nathan Knauss and James Hessler, teachers from Cherokee and Lenape High Schools in Marlton and Medford NJ. Storm was originally part of the Iron Devils Robotics Team; however, because Team 1647 grew too large, they branched off to form Storm Robotics, with students from both Lenape and Cherokee High Schools. The decision to split the Lenape Regional High School District into two separate teams was to insure that each student would have an equal experience with both their teams and FIRST as a whole. An initial challenge to the young team was a lack of experience. The team overcame this challenge due to the constant return of Storm mentors. Since Storm’s inception in 2008, membership has increased by a total of 51%. Storm was faced with the issue of having too many students join the team. With the influx of students, members were unable to work directly with the mentors and the robot. In order to remedy this problem,  FTC Team 4390 was created in 2010. Then, as time went on, both FTC 4390 and FRC 2729 were unable to support the increasing number of students. Thus , FTC 7433 was founded in 2013 and FTC 13290 in 2017. FRC 2729 consists of 42 members and their FTC teams, have 15 members on each, totaling 87 Storm members for the 2017-2018 season.